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Getting There & Back
For those of us in the US, travel will be a bit involved. You will need to get to Edinburgh, Scotland. The hard part of this is getting across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK. Typically, you will want to fly (although there are alternatives). Once in the UK you can either fly from the airport you flew in to (there are no direct flights from the US to Edinburgh), or take ground transportation. Ground transportation will typically be somewhat less expensive, and the train is pretty nice, but it will be a bit more hassle and take more time.
Some flights from the US to the UK
Image © 2002 Jeremiah Blatz
We have arranged for wedding discounts on two major airlines. Among you must travel from the US to the UK and back between September 8 and 22 of 2003. The airlines are:
  • American Airlines
    5-10% discount from any US city to Edinburgh. To use, call AA Reservations at 1-800-433-1790, and reference STARfile 9293AA.
  • US Airways
    5-10% discount from any US city to London or Manchester (this will require separate arrangements to Edinburgh (see below)). To use, contact US Air Group Services at 877-874-7687, and refer to Gold File Number 99632560. Or, you can but not that this is more complex then standard online booking.
If you're flexible about your travel times, and you're willing to forego frequent flier miles, then and often have good deals.
Riding the Train
The trains are one of the best ways to travel between cities in the UK. For more information (including maps and timetables), see BritRail. Or, for travel between Scottish cities, see ScotRail.
Picturesque Train Travel
Double-Decker Bus
Riding the Bus
Airlink runs an express bus from the Edinburgh Airport to the city centre (and back!).
Lothian Buses and First Edinburgh run buses in and around Edinburgh. We will post more information after March 2003.
Brits drive on the wrong side of the road. They have roundabouts all over the place. They have all these weird signs. They don't even call their highways “highways”! So, if you want to travel by car, please take a cab. We like you, and don't want you to die. If you must drive, you might want to look at Driving in Britain: A North American's Guide.
British Cab, they usually look like this
Taxis are readily available in Edinburgh. Those staying in Midlothian may wish to ask their hotel desk or B&B proprietor to call for a taxi.