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What to Do
Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, and the second largest city. As such, there's quite a lot to see and do. If you’re planning a holiday there, you’re probably better off with a guidebook, but here's a short list to get you started.
Model of a Distillery at the Schotch Whiskey Heratige Center
Things We Have Done
The Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center
This is Jer's favorite attraction in Edinburgh. A barrel-ride through history, complete with wax sculptures and a bitter, anti-English narrative. You can also learn a lot about Scotch whiskey. And it has an excellent gift shop.
Edinburgh Castle
This is Jess’ favorite attraction in Edinburgh. More of a leisurely stroll through history, with armor and crown jewels and functiong cannons. You should visit it, too.
Edinburgh Castle
Holyroodhouse Holyroodhouse
The Queen’s official residence in Scotland, Holyroodhouse is open to the public when the royal family is away (which is most of the time). The public portions of the palace have been turned into a museum (largely dedicated to Mary, Queen of Scots), which was not as interesting as we had hoped. On the other hand, the palace grounds are a wonderful public park. From there it is possible to walk/hike up Arthur’s Seat, a small extinct volcano and the highest point in Edinburgh. Friends have said that the walk is well worth it!
Friends have Reccomended
  • Gladstone's Land
    A museum recreating a typical 17th C. merchant's shop and home.
  • John Knox House
    A museum dedicated to Knox, the father of the Scottish Presbyterian church.
  • The Camera Obscura and Outlook Tower
    Projects a live, moving picture of the city outside onto the table before you, and also includes Europe's biggest and best display of astounding 3D Holograms. Its location, on Castle Hill, also provides a great view of the city. The official site has hours.
Other Reccomended Attractions
Other Attraction Sites